Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Long Time

Yes, I've been slacking. I've been busy, what with graduating, going on a trip to Hawaii, and general tomfoolery.

Also, I've been playing Urban Dead, a free web-based MMORPG based around zombies (my favorite!). Make sure you at least read the FAQ of the wiki before you start playing, or you will be very lost.

If you like Urban Dead, then you'll probably like Shartak, too.

Into cockfighting? Try BattleWang.

I guess I'm on a roll here, so I'll just finish up with a few more web-based games. Popomundo lets you become a pop music star. If you play and run into Benito Arasa De Miguel Abad, that's me -- say hi!

Travian is a city-building game based on the Romans, the Gauls, and the Teutons.

Finally, there is NationStates, a very tongue-in-cheek nation simulator created by Max Barry.

I hope you enjoy the games, and please click on an ad or two if you did -- it's the ad money that makes this worthwhile for me (and my neglected wife and child)!

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