Thursday, November 09, 2006


It's a Condition

I suffer from a genetic predisposition to procrastination and tardiness. That is only partly the reason for the lack of updates here. The rest of the blame goes to society for allowing me to get by for so long with such a blatant disregard for deadlines and punctuality.

The Farrago Website
has a lot of e-text novels posted online, as well as an extensive section on online scams. is perhaps the best repository of freeware and shareware utilities on the whole net. It is updated daily with new software releases, and has links to hardware reviews and assorted silliness.

The people at Graffiti Research Lab have posted this cool video of the right way to use LED throwies.

More fun with LEDs

Here's a fun little puzzle game to waste some time with.

The likebetter game -- choose which photo you like better, and the computer will soon be able to tell you things about yourself. Things you may not have known. Things that may be just plain false. But it's fun, anyway.

Billy Harvey is a musician who has set up a cool multimedia website. Very interesting use of the medium.

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