Thursday, October 12, 2006


I Am Back! (again)

Yes, I know, I know. And I apologize. I've been real busy with school and my daughter. While I'm making excuses, I may as well tell the truth. I blame society.

On to the goods. I've started using a new media player for my mp3s. It's called MediaMonkey, and it beats Winamp (and certainly the Windows Media Player). It's great for managing my large and unwieldy mp3 collection (it handles many other audio formats, and does video too), because it can download metadata and album art for your music, and it lets you tag music by mood, occasion, and other such subjective categories.

If you've ever called customer service and had to stay on the line punching numbers or, even worse, trying to get the speech recognition to understand what you're saying, the folks at gethuman can help. Go to the database section for a listing of phone numbers for major companies/government offices, along with instructions for getting through the system and right to an actual human on the other end of the line.

Find out what the Church of Scientology is all about at Scientology Kills. The good people there have assembled tons of information on the Church, their front organizations, and their beliefs. Find out what Tom Cruise and John Travolta are into! Good stuff to know, especially if you or someone you know is interested in joining this cult -- find out what you're getting into before your life savings are gone.

Check out some crazy bicycle videos at Lucas Brunelle Productions. This guy straps video cameras on his bike helmet and goes on some wild urban rides. My favorites are "Drag Race NYC" and "Rumble Through the Bronx".

TESTdex is an index of free personality (Myers-Briggs et al.) and intelligence (IQ etc) tests. Impress and annoy your friends by showing off your genius IQ.

Find everything you've ever wanted to know about playing cards and more at The World of Playing Cards. History, artwork, manufacturing process, the origin of the joker, it's all there.

I found this super cool gallery of photographs of spirals. Check it out.

What A is dedicated to collections of all kinds. Dolls, antiques, baseball cards, postcards, records, it's all there. Obsessive compulsive behavior has never been so much fun!

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