Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Time For Mario To Hit The Bars

That's right, Mario is 21 years old today. September 13th, 1985 is the date that Super Mario Bros. was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. My life was never the same.

Did you know our miserable failure of a president called the Constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper"? That really exemplifies the contempt he has for the freedoms and rights that our country was founded on.

Read Print is (yet another) free online library, filled with thousands of classics.

Loic Peoc'h (whatever that means... is it a name? I don't know) is a photographer's portfolio. There are some great portraits here, but be aware if you are at work, some of the work in galleries two and three contain nudity.

Need to get that blood out of your overalls? Go to the Stain Removal Guide and follow their directions. No one will suspect A THING.

Here are some photos of a sand storm in Iraq. I experienced one of these when I was living in the low desert in Arizona -- scary stuff.

Check out these awesome paper cutouts.

Today I'll end the update with this comic for all of you tabletop role players out there. Much love.

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