Thursday, September 21, 2006


Professional Crastination

Yes, I missed another update. I'm sorry. I'm scum. You deserve better. I deserve everything you said about me.

Let me make it up to you. Here are some funnies.

Go to to see people making fools of themselves in online dance contests, karaoke, and more! Okay, some of the karaoke is actually pretty good.

The Voices of Many will load any webpage through a variety of filters (fun stuff like Elmer Fudd, l33t-sp34k, pirate, and lots more). I liked looking at this page through the Swedish Chef filter.

Perplex City looks like a fun game. It's a collectable card game, a la Magic: The Gathering, but instead of building decks and battling opponents, each card has a puzzle on it. When you solve the puzzle, you go to the website and enter the code. Entering the code unlocks more clues, and eventually you could be the one who finds the (real-life) treasure! Yes, an actual prize of $200,000 awaits the first person who solves the game. Oh my, not another addiction!

Well, my daughter is awake now and doesn't want her dad sitting like a lump in front of the PC, so I'm going to end this update. I'll try to get on later and add some more. No promises though -- I'd only let you down, dear reader.

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