Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Happy First Birthday, Hong Kong Disneyland!

It's been a magical year at, well, the most magical place in Hong Kong. Or something.

Are people really retaliating against stingrays? Talk about totally missing the point (no pun intended).

I really can't stand wacko 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Seriously, people will believe anything. If you have watched the conspiracy video 'Loose Change' -- no link provided, you can find links to free downloads here at the Loose Change Viewer Guide. The guide dissects the video, point by point, so if you were inclined to believe anything in the video (which presents an assortment of 9/11 conspiracy theories) I can only hope that the viewer's guide will at least plant some seeds of doubt. Respect the people who died that day. Understand the facts -- 9/11 was caused by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists (not Iraqis), not our government. Our government simply used the events of that day to their advantage (illegal wars, stripping American's of their Constitutional rights, etc).

Kick Ass Classical lists classical's top 100 greatest hits (sound kind of funny, doesn't it?), based on their exposure in popular culture. It's hard to find a song that doesn't have any lyrics to search for, so try KAC -- they just might have that tune you've been trying to find. Love their tagline -- Rock out with your Bach out.

I just discovered Channel Chooser. As I write this, they have 169 free channels you can watch. I had to tear myself away from the Police Channel (in the Reality tab) just to post this update.

Skeptic Report is a good site if you're into critical reasoning, thinking for yourself, and plain old common sense.

Here's an interesting timeline of U.S. military interventions, coups, proxy armies, and other examples of American imperialism from 1801 to the present. Found at the website of the legendary culture jammers, Adbusters. See also the Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia.

Dusso.com is the website for Yanick Dusseault (aka Dusso), a visual artist who does matte artwork for Hollywood. His credits include matte painter for War of the Worlds, Star Wars Episode III, Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator 3, the first two Lord of the Rings movies, and more. Check out Hangar 7, a 3-minute test scene shot by Dusso and some friends. His gallery includes many pieces of art from his various movie projects, as well as his personal gallery, which shows a lot of futuristic, H.R. Geiger inspired pieces.

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