Sunday, September 10, 2006


Happy Birthday, Bill O'Reilly!

Yes, today is Bill's 57th birthday. At least it is according to Wikipedia, so I make no claims about the veracity of that data. In honor of his alleged birthday, here are some (of the many) videos of Bill making an ass of himself.

Bill making up facts and sources:

Bill interviews Michael Moore and says he would tell the parents of dead soldiers that they were in Iraq because of a mistake:

Part two of the interview, where Bill implies that he wouldn't want his children to go to Iraq:

The best part of the Michael Moore interview, to me, is that Bill seems to have a lot of trouble coming up with any coherent arguments to Michael's points -- and then at the end he says he 'produced evidence' and gave it to Moore, who was so blinded by his ideology that he wouldn't acknowledge this 'evidence'. Laughable.

Body Language (not safe for work). Find the link that says 'click here for a bit of body language'.

ThoughtAudio has free mp3 audio books for download. The titles are all classic literature, philosophy, and history, so having them in audio form might be nice, since you won't have to plod through the texts! :D

And finally, cool camera tricks. This Flickr slideshow has lots of examples of the 'transparent screen' technique.

Also, allow me to apologize for the lack of an update yesterday. I failed you, dear reader. Please don't hold it against me. You know I love you.

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