Thursday, August 31, 2006


Thursday Links

Only five more days until the season premiere of House! I can hardly contain myself.

And if you're into medical dramas, that day may come when you need to refer to Gray's Anatomy, because well, maybe you want to know what a xiphoid process is. Or something.

Gray's Anatomy and many more titles are available at, a great place to find free literature, reference, and verse.

The Cloud Appreciation Society has some pretty neat pictures of clouds in their photo gallery.

The Art. Lebedev Studio is a neat industrial design company in Russia. They sell some of their designs, as well as some posters and a book or two. Check out the Optimus keyboard, which may go on sale later this year. Too bad you'll have to be a millionaire to afford one -- the Optimus Mini Three has only three keys and costs $160.

DEFCON looks neat. Remember WarGames? The only winning move is not to play.

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